The Jordan Blueprint Rant

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Basketball
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When you think of basketball and winning an NBA Championship, who do you visualize hoisting the trophy? Most people associate winning at the highest level in the NBA to Michael Jordan. With the exception of the Celtics’ Bill Russell, Jordan’s six championship titles with the Chicago Bulls is the most ever with one franchise of any living player. (Don’t say Robert Horry.)  Jordan won scoring titles, league and Finals MVP awards. If superstars followed the cookie cutter formula I call the Jordan Blueprint, they would win their first championship in year seven and be afforded all the accolades that come with the preceding Three-Peat. Then, they would retire and take up another sport. Only after the pleading of their superstar coach and the millions of basketball fans AND The President of the United States personal request for said superstar’s return, would he return to the game he loved. He would get bounced early in the playoffs only to return for a second Three-Peat. He would cap this off by shooting the most prolific final Finals shot in the history of basketball. He would hug his coach, smoke a stogie and be doused with champagne. Unfortunately, he would return once again for “the love of the game” and make fans wish for the magic that he created, but could no longer create because of his advanced age. Again, he would retire, get fired as an executive, only to be hired again as an executive for another franchise. He would be spectacularly incompetent when scouting talent and would eventually own the god forsaken franchise he already personally dismantled. He would give a bitter Hall of Fame induction speech, challenging unknown nemeses and even threatening to make another comeback. Obviously, the blueprint will never be duplicated. It’s a movie, begging to be made. And I didn’t delve into his off the court troubles. Why does everybody want to Be Like Mike? Because the closer you are to Mike, the closer you are to perfection as a ball player. It almost takes on a religious tone. If you are Jordan-like then you are walking the right path in the basketball world.

Superstar Criteria

  1.  Ability to raise his level of play and control the outcome of games. Specifically,  during adverse situations
  2.  Statistics; points per game, assists and rebounding (blocks)
  3.  Championships. Rings won as a contributing starter on a championship roster. Not coming off the bench, John Salley style.

After watching Kevin Durant dismantle the San Antonio Spurs over the past three games in this Western Conference Finals, I see someone, like Dwyane Wade before him, who will shatter the cookie cutter formula Jordan created to become a champion. So far, he’s played it the right way. He’s unselfish, sometimes to a fault. By all accounts, he’s a good teammate. And, he knows his role as a superstar in the NBA. Still in his early 20s, he will soon bear “The Next Jordan” two thousand ton crown. If he can lead the Thunder to an NBA championship, Kevin Durant will feel the weight of such lofty expectations. And it won’t take him seven years to do it.


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