I remember when I first discovered the comedy of Joey Coco Diaz. I was watching and episode of Def Comedy Jam. The DVD series had just come out and I was the only one that had it. I thought he was white (He’s Cuban.) when I first saw him in 2001. I knew he would have to bring the funk in front of the Def Comedy crowd or it was going to be like the Apollo. I don’t remember a specific bit or joke. I just remember thinking, this dude is funny as shit. He was bat shit crazy and the crowd ate it up. Fast forward to present day and he’s one of the best guests on my favorite podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience. He has his own podcast called Beauty and Da Beast and recently released a documentary, Where I Got My Balls From. If you’ve never heard of this guy, you need to check him out. Some people live that life so you won’t have to. That’s Joey Diaz. He’s fucked up. He has a fucked up past and he’s not afraid to talk about it. Like Charlie Murphy, he has some behind the scenes of the industry stories to tell. Here’s an excerpt from one of the JRE where he “just remembered” selling coke to Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and Ricky Martin.

He’s hilarious and you never know what you’re going to get with that guy. Check him out at beautyanddabeast.com His documentary and his comedy album “It’s Either Me or the Priest” is available on payloadz.com and soon to be on iTunes.


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