Another great DeathSquad podcast. If you aren’t familiar with Sam Tripoli and the Naughty Show, you are not into podcasts. Or you aren’t into porn chicks, comedians and general debauchery. I laugh out loud to this show at some point every time I watch it. The guests are always slightly crazy or ridiculously hot, but usually both. This particular episode was hilarious. Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony join the show and had me crying laughing. Dave Anthony also has a podcast of his own with Greg Behrendt called Walking the Room. In this episode, Tripoli discovers a new catch phrase “Bringing the Wood” and for a good twenty minutes it is discussed at length. Well, sorta, Tripoli said it first on Joe Rogan’s Joe Rogan Experience podcast a few hours before this podcast began. I’m guessing T-shirts are in the works. Oh, and Geno of LASpeedWeed, the podcast’s most visible sponsor gets too high off his own product. He just laughs and stares blankly for most of the hour or so. Green Crack is a helluva drug, I’m guessing. I posted this because I enjoy this style of humor. If you are easily offended, don’t watch these guys. If you are easily offended, you probably need to watch these guys. Past guests have included a Who’s Who of pornstars, Too Short and a lot of LA based comedians. If you want more after watching this episode, check out past episodes at


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