Don’t cry. Dry your eye. I’ll be right back.

I know. I know. It’s been a long time since we’ve “seen” each other.

I should have called or something, I know. You were SO worried. I know. Well, I’m back and the news is not all that great. I’m still applying, still registering on ESL job sites, still trudging on. I’ve probably duplicated several queries to schools. I’ve tweaked my resume, cover letter and all things ESL to the point of utmost sexiness. Surprisingly, I’ve only had a few telephone interviews and a couple Skype interviews. I have to confess though. I haven’t been as steadfast in my pursuit of “Teaching in Asia” like I should have been over the past month or so. I got a little jaded. A little ah, let me send out a bunch of emails to the latest postings on, and I’ve played Skype chase with a few recruiters, ignored a few of the shadier variety, but continue to pursue employment with schools in Asia. Why? Because it’s Bruce Lee and egg rolls and kimchi and dark haired, kimono wearing golden Buddha chopsticks and rice adventure. Clearly, I’ve never been there. Clearly, my stream of consciousness rant may call into question my motives for teaching children. Well, let me be clear. I enjoy children. I want some of my own. I tried. My girlfriend lacked maturity at age 32 and we’ve both moved on. Whoa, tmi like a mutha… Seriously, the most important reason I want a job teaching English is to return to a profession that is respected and morally rewarding. I tried sales. There are only so many elderly women you can sell useless items to before you realize your underwear smell like gasoline. (Gasoline draws in Hell. Please catch up.) I will always be a writer. Some would say it’s a calling. I say it is just one thing I don’t have to put much effort into. I’m hoping teaching young people, even if they reside on the other side of the Earth, will allow me to find another thing I can contribute to this world. I turned 36 years old in November. A man begins to think of his legacy after age 30, at least mature men do. I want pay something forward. The Mayans were wrong, so I have a few more seasons of Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead to look forward to. I’m rambling, I know. Back to the point of the post…umm? So, the latest news on the ESL front is, I’ve shifted my focus to China. I kept stumbling out of the blocks with recruiters in Korea. I don’t know if it’s my dark skin or that I’m a man lacking blonde hair. Whatever it is, the recruiters in China have been more receptive. I have two prospects with openings beginning in March. That would be right up my alley. Even though I’ve all but tied up all my loose ends financially here, an extra month or so to save dough/cash/moolah will be helpful. I’m talking like I landed a job already. I will hopefully interview with one recruiter tonight and another tomorrow or this weekend. I’m not going to give up. I have scanned every possible document I own. I have become an ESL job search expert over the course of three to four months. I’m do a legitimate contract. I’m not one to do the “it’s a new year” spiel, but dammit, it’s my time. Tune in next time for an update on my progress. I promise I’ll be right back this time.


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