Don’t laugh. He might be my neighbor. Chinese dreamin’.


Things are moving. That’s really all I can say. I’ve done everything necessary. I am waiting on my Z-work Visa to come back. I used a visa/passport expeditor service with offices in Houston, the regional Chinese consulate for many southern states. I have already contacted them three times. I had questions on the application and lastly I asked if they had received my documents. The staff was helpful and I don’t anticipate any problems so far. All in all it cost around $260 for the service, shipping included. I hope to be on a plane in the next week or so to Mudanjiang. I’m still not allowing myself to get too high on the journey. I had a hiccup, when I discovered my drivers license had expired on Feb. 5. I took care of it the same day with no problems. I don’t want to jinx the ease of my process just yet. I want to quietly, get my visa/passport back, purchase a plane ticket and board unceremoniously. In the next week or so, I will revisit some grammar modules from my online TESOL course. I will continue to listen to chinesepod and struggle through beginner’s Mandarin. One of my imminent goals is to learn the language. Of course, teaching is the priority, considering it is my first time in an academic setting with children. I will adapt. I have been in contact with my school sporadically since my interview. My school manager emailed me once to confirm I’d received my work permit and letter of invitation. I replied after I sent all of my documents to the passport/visa expeditor. AND now I WAIT. Man, I’m almost there. I’m about to do something no one in my family has done. I remember thinking something similar when I traveled to Belgium and all over the Netherlands, then Paris and Germany. I’m ready to eat with chopsticks, have long conversations about Wu Shu, visit the Shaolin temple and drink the strongest drink they serve with some smiling model featured ladies in tight clothes. Not to sound superficial, but I’m looking forward to enjoying myself in the nightlife. I’m also looking forward to becoming a professional ESL teacher. With that said for balance, I work hard and play hard. I always have. Life is about the story you can tell when it’s over. I will try to write a little something once my visa comes and I get a ticket. …Man, I’m almost there.


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