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Alright, I’m back to it.

The procrastination has ended and I’m blogging again. Here’s the latest update in my journey to become an ESL teacher. I’m still at home. I’m still in the States having dreams of getting on a flight to Asia. I’m still a few steps away and the frustration is beginning to set in. I submitted fingerprints for an FBI background investigation several months ago. About two weeks ago, I contacted my local FBI field office to inquire about my case and was given a number to a CJIS customer service hub. A representative told me that my fingerprints were rejected because they were not readable. She told me to resubmit another set of fingerprints and that I wouldn’t have to pay a fee for resubmittal. She also told me a rejection letter would be sent in the next two weeks. Well, two weeks later, I didn’t receive a letter. I called today and was told I could resubmit if I included a letter stating my original case number and it would be processed. So I waited two weeks for a letter that never came and am just now finding out I could have resubmitted fingerprints two weeks ago. Great. So now I start the process again. Glad I called. Lesson learned. I’m going to stay on top of this thing better next time. While that part of the process slowed and stymied, other pieces of the puzzle have been successful. The splash of good news is that I received my TESOL certification in the mail on Saturday. I highly recommend International TESOL and TEFL Corporation (ITT) 100 hour online certification course. It was very thorough and I feel I know a lot more as far as what’s required of me as an ESL professional. I also had two copies of my bachelor’s degree notarized and submitted to the State Department for apostille last week. Hopefully, these documents will come back fairly quickly. My goal is to never become stagnant in this process. I want documents coming in while documents are going out. Keeping to this line of thinking, I contacted a source from my education reporting days to write a letter of recommendation. He came through with several signed copies of a letter I prefabricated for his signature. So now I have four quality letters of recommendation from education professionals  to add to the arsenal. My source is a former superintendent and current school board president of the county. Just to keep tally, my status in this journey stands at 1) completion of 100 hour TESOL certification course 2) four letters of recommendation 3) and a renewed passport. So, I’ve made some progress. I’ve been calling around to find a way to avoid using a fingerprinting agency to get prints. It is proving to be an expense I want to avoid. Twenty to thirty bucks per page is not breaking the bank, but free is always better. I talked to a  local sheriff’s department and the campus police at the University of Alabama who said they wouldn’t charge a dime if I brought my own print sheets. Excellent and will do. So that’s my goal for the week. Get prints, submit prints and wait for the State Department and FBI to process my documents. AND get updates every week during the process this time. I’m going to make it to Korea, China, Thailand or some parts in between before the end of the year. God willing.